How It Works

Step One


First, schedule a free 15-minute consultation or complete this application to discuss your goals and find the resources and support you need to start feeling like yourself again.

Know something needs to change but not sure of your goals? No problem! Check out some of the goals that were set and and achieved by past and present Pure Fortitude members:

Learn to love your body and mind

Learn to avoid pushing too far

Learned new ways to fit in extra veggies into your meals

Overcome foot, knee, and hip pain

Implement a consistent at-home exercise routine

Heal from an

Stick to meal planning and drink more water

Eat in a way that better nourishes you

Create workout plans with doctor’s guidance for safety

Find time to take care for yourself

Come back even stronger than before

Add more reps with shorter breaks

Limit daily stress

Connect with muscles to eliminate pain

Develop higher intensity workout

Increase workout progress

Achieve your postpartum workout goals

Become and stay pain-free

Recover from crippling back pain

Improve core strength for better form

Step TWO


Once you have selected your goals, and decided that Pure Fortitude is right for you, it’s time to discover which program, level of coaching, and other opportunities fit your needs and schedule.

As a business run by moms for moms, we understand the challenges of finding time and energy to spend on yourself. That’s why kids are always welcome in our sessions, and why we offer flexibility in scheduling training and private consulting.

See the opportunities that await you!


Continued Encouragement

Finally, once you accomplish your goals, keep going! Sometimes it can be tempting to stop and be content there, or to get distracted by the daily hustle and bustle of life.

The Pure Fortitude community works together to encourage each other to keep making new goals, adjust goals without guilt when circumstances change, and find new ways of taking care of our own personal health.

Pure Fortitude members can join our private Facebook group, and receive unlimited access to Lauren and the whole community for continued advice, evidence-based training resources, and encouragement.

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Motivation often only comes after action.
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