My Story

Hello! I’m Lauren Mullikin, Founder and Woman in Charge of Pure Fortitude. What started as a vision for bringing mental performance enhancement to moms and through moms to their teens has morphed into a community of helping moms find their inner baddies by learning how to outsmart even their harshest inner critics, discover what matters most at this current stage of life, get their bodies to move in ways that bring them joy, and just plain feel good. 

As the mom of two very active, independent kiddos (who feel BIG feelings and are confident they know WAY more than me, already), wife to an incredible husband (who shares practically no interests with me, outside of core beliefs and an nerding out over anatomy & kinesiology), recovering perfectionist who drank ALL the diet/exercise culture Kool-Aid in the 90s, and long time owner of chronic pain I understand the difference between making excuses and having extra obstacles that need to be addressed, in order to find lasting progress. 

So how’d I get to this super cool place where I get to support moms through pregnancy and postpartum? So glad you asked! After throwing out my dreams of becoming a partner in a law firm, like my dad, I googled “sport” and “psychology,” two things I was passionate about and discovered there was such a field as Sport Psychology! I went off to sunny California for grad school where I healed from bulimia, completed two marathons, and learned that as much as I loved my grad school program, there just weren’t many jobs I could apply for without taking on more student loans to get a PsyD/PhD. So, we moved back to the Midwest to be near family, support my then boyfriend’s new massage practice, and start a family. 

Since then, I worked full time in a residential school as a behavior interventionist for youth with developmental disabilities and other diagnoses (usually with no real family), stayed home with our then 1yr old while teaching group fitness classes, moved us to Colorado to work with the Army as a Master Resilience Trainer – Performance Expert (such a cool job, especially going through the combatives programs and watching old school military leaders learn more effective ways to lead and live life) and instructing kickboxing classes on the side, moved back to Indiana to be closer to family where I taught group classes and worked from home while growing baby #2. 

It was while struggling with a lot of pregnancy pains, extended false labor, an inability to “keep doing what I’d been doing,” and studying for my personal training certification that I had the epiphany that motherhood is the ultimate performance, information for exercise during and after pregnancy was terribly lacking, and society spews out a lot of harmful nonsense to, for, and about moms. So, I decided to use my love of learning, all those skills that would have allowed me to excel as a lawyer, and my previous experiences to create a company dedicated to helping moms find honest, compassionate, evidence based information to help them live stronger, happier, healthier lives. 

Pure Fortitude is about building a community that lifts each other up, believes less can be more, wants to be active and living life as pain free as possible into our 80s and beyond, and is willing to admit the ways we’ve been taught to think, eat, move, and act in the past simply don’t serve us anymore. There are better ways. Come join me to learn what that looks like for you. 


PRegnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

ACSM Certified

Level 1 Coach

Postpartum Corrective EXERCISE SPECIALIST

advanced boxing
fitness coach

Certified tRx

barre Instructor


To inspire you to do the challenging things that bring out the best version of you, more consistently.

Helping you to live today in a way that will allow you to be active and loving life in your 80s.

Acceptance Statement

Pure Fortitude was founded to support people of any shape, size, experience-level, color, ethnicity, nationality, orientation, etc. We do everything we can to create a space where you will feel loved, supported, and safe.

All you need to join the Pure Fortitude community is a desire to be mentally/physically strong, the humility to accept that lasting changes will not come from the methods you’ve unsuccessfully tried for years, a willingness to follow the program designed for you (or clearly communicate when the plan isn’t working without toughing it out), and a belief that you can live pain-free. 

If you aren’t a mom, but would still like to see what Pure Fortitude can do for you, or a loved one, reach out to schedule an assessment or consultation. We would be happy to discuss the ability to work with you, or point you in the right direction of a safe, good fit for you.

Organization Values

Pure Fortitude would not be a success without the extraordinary community of women supporting each other every single day. If you are interested in joining the Pure Fortitude family, all we ask is that you show up ready to embrace our community’s values:

Believe | Persevere | Strengthen | Grow


Believe in yourself, me,
and the process.


Strengthen your mind,
body, and connections
with others.


When times get tough,
you get tougher.


Do not dwell in setbacks,
but give them their time
then move forward.

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