As soon as you are ready to commit yourself to a training program! Ideally, as soon as you decide you want to start trying to have a baby, but realistically the best time is whenever you are able to be consistent.

Yes, training 4-6 days a week may give faster or better results. However, consistency is key! If you have 10 minutes once a week you can commit, we can work with that. Our Tier One programs are 20-30 min strength workouts completed 2-4 days a week, along with optional cardiovascular works based on your training level and stage in pregnancy/postpartum. 

At Tier Two and Three, we provide options to work with travel, kids’ activities, and other responsibilities to help increase your consistency. Bottom line: anything is better than nothing and we do not believe in a catch-all, “right” way to train.

Reach out to your coach! Pure Fortitude exists to make lasting change. When you join the Pure Fortitude community, you commit to getting outside your comfort zone, being vulnerable, and doing your best each day. 

While we would never encourage you to do anything to put your health at risk, we would encourage you to continue adjusting your program to take on any new challenges that life throws at you. Courage in adversity, the Pure Fortitude way. 
What that looks like would depend on your circumstances and may include a predominantly mental focus, temporarily shifting goals to care for your body, or to give space to grieve.

Talk to your OB or midwife. We HIGHLY suggest seeking out at least a consultation with a pelvic floor physical/physiotherapist ASAP after delivery. If you need support finding a reputable therapist, please contact us for support. After that, gentle stretches and movements along with breathing exercises and short (5-10 min) walks are usually safe to start soon after vaginal birth or once your incision closes post c-section. 

The general recommendation is around 4-6 weeks after vaginal birth, or 6-8 weeks after a c-section without complications. Again, go see a pelvic health PT/physio if you can, this will help you get towards your goals faster. However, Lauren’s training in pregnancy/postpartum and corrective exercise training can safely work for most moms.

Each program can be completed with body weight or household items, only. If you have access to a gym, or want to get a yoga mat, resistance bands, kettlebells, or dumbbells, those work, too. In your initial assessment, we will discuss equipment to ensure you are able to complete your programming.

This is similar to counseling, but focused on performance enhancement. The mental skills practices are rooted in positive psychology and sports psychology, proven effective for athletes, soldiers, and executives. Mental Training for moms is an integral part of each training program, and sometimes exercise needs to take a back seat to mental health. 

Tier One provides general resources for your current phase of life, Tier Two adds on more check-ins and resources, and Tier Three provides personalized worksheets and strategies to get the most out of your mental energy and focus.

Most people have a tendency to rely on bigger, stronger muscles at the detriment to those smaller, stabilizer muscles. This leads to a higher likelihood of pain or injury further down the line. For example, shoulder pain and headaches could be linked to pelvic floor, glute, or abdominal dysfunction, and back pain in your 60s could be linked to incomplete healing after child birth 30 years ago.

Many personal trainers do not actually have training in pregnancy and postpartum coaching. Look for a trainer who has received continued education on pregnancy and postpartum training, or corrective exercises for women. Just because someone is pregnant or has had kids does not mean they are trained to provide exercise recommendations safe for your body.

Absolutely! Sometimes, it is more effective because you have the ability to train how and when you need for your life. Also, online training provides access to trainers anywhere in the world. With options for video calls, hybrid coaching, sending videos of form for feedback, and detailed workouts via an app you will have all of the tools you need to succeed!

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