Tier Two is most popular with its balance of accountability & support while giving autonomy to complete your personalized programming whenever it fits your day.

Tier One is for the self-motivated, consistent exerciser with no pelvic floor or core symptoms, who wants programming for their stage, but not personalized to them. 

Tier Three is for the mom wanting the total, life changing transformation. Mind, Body, Nutrition – super customized with extra accountability up front.

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  • Monthly workouts based on current needs.
  • Check in call/zoom 3rd week of the month to celebrate wins, address concerns, answer Qs, and discuss next month’s programming.
  • Access to Members Only FB community.
  • Workouts delivered and tracked for you through the Pure Fortitude app.
  • Weekly review of progress and feedback to in app messages.

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  • Quick, targeted workouts customized to your needs and current abilities. 
  • Training Program delivered through Pure Fortitude app.
  • In app messaging, optional weekly email update, and strategically planned phone/zoom calls to celebrate, check in, and stay ahead of barriers to progress.
  • Mindset and/or nutritional habit coaching available.
  • Focus of the week videos and supplemental resources delivered in app.
  • Access to Members Only FB community.

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Everything in Tier Two plus:



  • Coaching completely customized to achieve lasting transformation.
  • Extra focus on building confidence to be successful with maintaining changes throughout life and practicing how to maintain progress through various life events.



We coach knowing that pregnancy changes the body forever. Special training considerations are given to anyone who has been pregnant or may be trying to get pregnant. Our programs are built to provide accountability and consistency.


Our flagship program is our standard training program, combining elements of strength and mobility and flexibility training, mental toughness, confidence building, energy management, and mindset training for moms and moms-to-be to feel and be their best.

Programs are always personalized based on fitness level and fall into categories such as trying to conceive, first year postpartum, and beyond.


Our 1:1 coaching integrates everything in our training course, while giving you the opportunity to check in with Lauren to assess progress and learn to adjust to setbacks. Each session is individually tailored with the client’s personal goals in mind.


The goal of mental performance enhancement is to help you use your energy efficiently, focus effectively, incorporate imagery into your performance, and manage hardships with more resilience using physical and mental techniques. Sleep coaching, injury and childbirth recovery, and preventing burnout while parenting may also be covered.


The nutritional program is focused on the psychology and mental side of performance, and will help you get control of your diet through convenient habit changes that coordinate with your fitness goals.

Ready to fortify your life?

We know that every journey is different, which is why we extend beyond our standard packages to offer customized support that works for you. Please reach out to learn more and get a quote for your perfect plan.